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Its experience and technical expertise in biogas and industrial effluents allow GRS Valtech to provide multi-faceted support to manufacturers and operators of waste management facilities:


Design and construction of gas preparation units.

Turn-key electric biogas recovery units’ design, construction, and operation:
  • Evaluation of the field for biogas,
  • Design of the facilities,
  • Study of grid connection,
  • Assistance to the owner,
  • Turn-key Design and construction,
  • Operation of facilities.

All of our biogas units can easily be integrated into landfill methane collection systems, sewage treatment plants, or refineries.

  • 30 energy recovery plants were installed since 2001
  • 258 GWh were recovered in 2014 equivalent to the annual electricity needs of 62,000 homes, comparable to a city like Aix en Provence
  • 18,250 tons of CO2 were reduced equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of 7,200 cars