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Experts in the remediation of problematic soil pollutions:
  • Rehabilitation of brownfield,
  • Remediation of active sites,
  • Site Monitoring,
  • Management and cleanup of accidental pollution,
  • Rehabilitation of former landfill facilities.


Types of pollutants covered:

Organic substances:
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons (heavy and light fraction)
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
  • BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzenes, xylenes)
  • HVOC (PCE, TCE, DCE, VC, TCA, etc.)
  • PCBs, dioxins, furans
  • POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants)
  • Organic nitrates, aliphatic and aromatic amines
  • Pesticides (trimethylbenzene, etc..)
  • Various molecules (diphenylamines, MTBE, lindanes, etc.)
Inorganic substances:
  • Heavy metals (arsenic, lead, chromium VI and III, mercury, cadmium, nickel, etc.)
  • Other metals (antimony, selenium, etc.)
  • Ionic species (sulfates, chlorides, nitrates, fluorides, etc.)
  • Complex cyanides, etc.

Management of problematic mixtures, chemicals-pyrotechnic

Proficient in the recovery and separation techniques of any matrix (solid, liquid and gaseous)