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Its experience and technical expertise in biogas and industrial effluents allow GRS Valtech to provide multi-faceted support to manufacturers and operators of waste management facilities:

Leachate is collected through a network of pipes connected to a treatment unit. The leachate is treated via evapo-concentration, reverse osmosis (mobile units), cogeneration, mechanical vapor compression or biological processes.

The first French mobile park for leachate treatment:
  • 5 mobile reverse osmosis units with a capacity of 24 m3/day to 200 m3/day
  • 1 mobile Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) Unit
Fixed installations:
  • GRS Valtech manufactured a range of proprietary leachate evapo-concentration treatment units:
    - BGVAP® which uses biogas as fuel to evaporate the water in the leachate
    - Cogelix®, a leachate treatment process by cogeneration
  • Biological treatment by membrane bioreactor (MBR), sequential biological reactors (SBR), etc.


  • More than 1.6 million m3 of treated leachate since 2000
  • 157,000 m3 of leachate treated in 2014
  • 1130 m3 is the overall daily capacity of leachate treatment