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Its experience and technical expertise in biogas and industrial effluents allow GRS Valtech to provide multi-faceted support to manufacturers and operators of waste management facilities:

  • Establishment of biogas collection networks
  • Treatment of biogas by combustion via advanced technical systems equipped with biogas analysis and monitoring

We are capable of designing, sizing, manufacturing, installing and operating a full range of flares.

These sophisticated flares are fitted with remote monitoring systems for flow rate, gas composition, pressure drop, flare temperature, etc.

Some of our facilities are equipped with systems to analyze, measure, calculate and record carbon credit.

  • More than 190 flares were manufactured since 1998
  • Processing rates of 100 m3/h to 5,000 m3/h

In 2014 :

  • 195 projects completed,
  • 5 km of drains,
  • 16 km of installed networks,
  • 270 collection wells,
  • 40 maintenance contracts.